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Which Outdoor Fireplace is The Best?

Where and what to look for in a fireplace?

Fireplaces are a great way to decorate your home, and give it a classy, vintage look. Fireplaces have been used for over a century, and in the previous years, its basic purpose was to warm up the room it was in. It is constructed in a way that the smoke escapes without entering the surroundings. After the introduction of fireplaces, it was modified into another type. This was called outdoor fireplace. Its basic purpose was to cook outside. It came in handy during outdoor small events such as barbeques, or a peaceful gathering around a fire on a chilly winter evening. It is also same to a conventional fireplace in its construction. It has a chimney built on top from which the smoke escapes. The main purpose of an outdoor fireplace is that it can be used to cook outside, and many similar purposes. Also, it is quite stylish, and gives the whole area an exotic yet vintage vibe. People who grew up with fireplaces in their childhood homes are really delighted to have or even see one. Now, with the passage of time, just like everything else, outdoor fireplaces have also evolved. There are different types of outdoor fireplaces now. But what type of fireplaces is the best? What type best suit your needs? All types of outdoor fireplaces have been discussed below:

Jetmaster Fireplaces:

Jetmaster fireplace is one of the best options to choose from. It bridges the gap between that vintage fireplace look, and a modern look. The models of this brand usually have a glass screen at the front to view the fire burning inside. However, there are many different designs for this type of fireplaces as well. Some may have a place to store firewood beneath it, some may be plain down below. In some cases, the chimney of these types of fireplace is completely hidden from the exterior of the wall. They just seem like a column of fire burning in a vacant rectangle in the wall. A screen is put up on the front from which heat is radiated, and the fire burning inside can be viewed as well. However, in some cases, the chimneys are exposed too. The chimneys may also vary in shapes and sizes, but that varies with the design, and the model. Because of certain complications. These types of fireplaces are quite common for indoor use. They are not as common for outdoor use. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure that these types of fireplaces are quite eloquent. So, if you are looking to get a fireplace which will get heads turning at the next outdoor party, you have, Jetmaster fireplaces are the best option for you.

Escea Fireplaces:

Escea is another popular brand for fireplaces. It is based in Australia, and has risen to fame in the recent years. The philosophy of Escea, is that a house is not a home without a fireplace. Escea deals in several different models and designs in indoor as well as outdoor fireplaces. Gas operated fireplaces are also offered by Escea. If you are dealing with Escea, you are bound to find a fireplace which suits your needs. Also, these are quality assured. So, if you are looking to get an outdoor fireplace, Escea fireplaces can prove to be a good option too.

Regency Fireplaces:

Regency is a brand based in Canada. It deals in indoor and outdoor fireplaces as well. It has many different models too. The unique thing about regency is that it has some models and designs which no other company offers. For example, it has a unique design which is completely isolated from the wall or any such thing. This type of fireplace can, however, only be sued indoors, as the entire system has to be behind the walls. The models and designs offered by Regency are quite popular in the US and Canada. The customer care also has some good reviews. So, it can prove to be really good option for you to consider, if getting a stylish and innovative fireplace is on your to-do list.

Real Flame Fireplaces:

Real flame is a brand which has completely changed the face of fireplaces. The designs and models offered by real flame cannot be found elsewhere. Instead of being part of a wall, there are some designs offered by real flame which are round in shape and are in the face of a table. It is just like a table, with the fire in the centre. The fire can be fueled by coals, or fuel as well. Real flame also helps its customers get the fuel required. Another great thing about real flame is that real flame is especially designed for outdoor. A fireplace of this design can also be used in your living rooms to warm it up. So, real flame fireplaces can also prove to be a good source of getting really innovative outdoor fireplaces.

Morso Fireplaces:

Morso fireplaces is a company based in South Africa, which deals in indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Like its competitors, Morso also has unique designs, and models which are quite different from a conventional fireplace. The most popular one is a cylinder-shaped fireplace. It offers a great view of the fire as well as warmth from the inside. Firewood is used to light up the fire inside these models. They are mostly used in indoor places, but are available for outdoor purposes as well. It can be lit up, surrounded by sitting area for a nice, and peaceful view of the outside during chilly winter evenings. Also, Morso have recently entered a contract with Firelogs, which is a dry wood supplier. Now, firewood is available directly in Morso stores. This can be helpful to plenty of Morso customers, as getting quality firewood can be an issue.

These were the biggest names to opt for when getting an outdoor fireplace. All of their perks and specifications have been discussed in detail above. It is up to you now to decide which product best suits you and your needs.

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